Buying and Selling Gold

In order to buy and sell gold you need to be a Metdeal Partner.

Prices for Gold are calculated basing on current world market rates. Requests for purchasing/selling Gold are accepted daily (weekdays only) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Moscow time.

Settlement Currency is US Dollars.

Minimum Gold sale amount (to Metdeal Partner) is 1 000 (one thousand) USD.

If you are already a Partner, please contact WMID 157977056598 and:

1. To purchase Gold:

1.1. Provide Purchase Agreement date and number.

1.2. Provide Company's name.

1.3. Amount you are going to spend on gold or a gold net weight you are eager to buy.

1.4. An invoice will be sent to the address, that you had indicated when signing an Agreement. The invoice must obligatory contain the following details of payment: Payment under invoice #ХХ-XXX/XXX, Date XX/XX/XXXX, for purchase of gold.

1.5. As soon as funds are received, gold will be transferred to you according to the terms of purchase agreement.

2. To sell Gold:

2.1. Provide Sale Agreement date and number.

2.2. Provide the Company's name.

2.3. Amount for which you are going to sell gold or a gold net weight you are eager to sell.

2.4. Provide full details for USD wire:

  • Beneficiary:
  • Beneficiary Adress:
  • Beneficiary Account:
  • Beneficiary Bank:
  • Beneficiary Bank Code:
  • Beneficiary Bank Account:
  • Intermediary Bank:
  • Intermediary Bank Code:

2.5. According to the request, you will receive an Invoice to your WMID. The Invoice should be paid timely.

2.6. According to the Sale Agreement, after announcing an LBMA evening rate, an invoice sample will be sent to your e-mail address, indicated in the Agreement. You will also receive notification via WM Mail.

2.7. The received invoice should be printed, signed, sealed/stamped and sent by e-mail:

2.8. The payment will be made according to Sale Agreement terms as soon as the Invoice is received.

All payments are made strictly from/to bank accounts of our partners, either companies or individuals.

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